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Top 74 Survival Blogs | Best Survivalist & Preppers Sites To Follow In 2018

Best Survival Blogs: Everyone’s the worst nightmare will be an unexpected natural or man-made disasters. How you are going to save your life and your family at the end of these Doomsday(s)?

Answer for that question will be provided by the following blogs that we have reviewed below. The best worthy survival blogs to follow without any doubt are following.

All of these are included from the basic preppers ideas to disaster survival and even the tips are given for day to day life collapses.

The Blogs Here Are Not Listed In Specific Way And We Are Readers Of All Following Blogs!

Table Of Contents

Let’s Check It Out The Best Survival Blogs

OffGrid Survival

Off Grid Survival, top emergency preparedness & survival websites in the world that is devoted to pass information about survival and self preparedness towards threats exist in the world today such as man-made and natural disasters, urban disasters and crime etc.

It includes self-reliance and off-grid strategies by Robert Richardson whose preparedness and survival training expert with over 20 years of real world experience.

Through this website, you can get all the following guidance to a survival or off grid living camping, hiking and backpacking, emergency communication, food, shelter, homestead and survival gear etc…

Which help you to survive at almost any crisis.

Top Articles:


Survivopedia is a website which guides you towards self-sustainable life survival.

It includes major facts, news and DIY projects under 4 main categories; food, health, weapons, planning and general preparation.

10 Ingenious Foods People Ate During Famines, How To Build A Shelter/Panic Room Without Being Noticed are some captivating articles which were able to take readers attention.

Top Articles:

The Prepper Journal

Among the survival information providing blogs, The Prepper Journal is a leading daily survival blog by Wild Bill (Pen Name) which provides you all the basic facts related to survival such as preparing basics, food storage, home standing, first aid and health and self-defense etc.

Uniqueness of this website is all the facts based on common sense and experiences of the author.

And it encourages people to fulfill the aims by sharing lessons learned, actual learning from lessons, and continuous learning along the way and to share their own personal experiences about preparedness topics.

Top Articles:

Urban Survival Site

Wondering how to survive during a doomsday disaster when living in urban city? All the tips and hacks are included to share with readers in Urban Survival Site.

Starting from basic for beginners, home security, defense weapons, and food storage. Survival gear are some magnificent content which readers can find there.

And also have given importance on the topic supplies which includes the articles under 4 main categories bug out, gear, lists, medical and power which are essential prepper to full fill for a survival.

Top Articles:

Survival Based

Survival Based is an online store where you can find stuff related to self-defense and life survive which will be so useful for unexpected threat or camping etc.

They have a good collection under five main categories. Food storage, water storage, emergency supplies, emergency power, survival gear, freeze dried food, long term food, emergency food are some of them.

Most significant fact is that they are able to provide worldwide delivery.

Top Articles:

Doomsday Moose

Trusted website to get learn through the experience and discussion to help the readers to make the best and most informed decisions so that they can have the best chance to survive their next disaster, is

Readers can find suggestions for survival bags, doomsday team self-tried emergency food and other useful links as main four categories and many important articles written on first aid, technology, product reviews, gardening, and transportation and so on by the team.

Top Articles:

Prepper's Will

You want yourself to be prepper and survivalist?

Get in connected with Prepper’s Will by Bob Rogers. With so many articles written on survival, family, doomsday scenarios, economics and investments and politics and government.

As per the blog survival depends mostly on three major things: information, skills and environment. In order to achieve the environment you have to gather the knowledge and acquire/develop the skills through our blog.

Be prepared 100% to find yourself survived in a total doomsday situation.

Top Articles:

Backdoor Survival

Backdoor Survival is an extra-ordinary site where the blogger Gaye Levy gives her own opinions from what she has learned over 6 yrs on survival tactics and let the readers to choose best for them to use for the preparation on seen and unseen disasters which can be expected in the future or day today life.

Also it includes the articles covering basic essentials such as food supply, water supply, power supply, survival medicine and also survival gear.

Top Articles:

Graywolf Survival

Gray Wolf Survival is for emergency preparedness from a Counter-Intelligence Special Agent.

He is providing details about solar, fire, water survival skills, prepper skills and also guidance on unique topics such as financial prepper and best prepper resources and more so that reader could wisely protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end of the world doomsday.

And a specific article on How To Build Ultimate 25 Pound Bug Out Bag Which Can Be Used As An Overall Survival Pack.

Top Articles:

Doom And Bloom

Doom And Bloom is based on most important fact of survival which is medicine.

Contents included by Joe Alton a member of Mensa and collects 19th century medical books to gain insight on off-grid medical strategies.

And Amy Alton whose the expert on herbal remedies and essential oils and they included articles on health medical holistic survival medicine podcast, general preparedness and also some important links about training medicine.

And most important thing is they have scheduled classes to provide practical training by them self for better clarification.

Top Articles:

Ed That Matters

Ed That Matters blog serves several preparedness guide sites which has authored by Tod Sepulveda who’s a licensed minister.

He has given his best cover up on top preparedness topics such as financial preparedness, emergency food which is worth reading and learning who needs to be prepared against an emergency unavoidable crisis.

Top Articles:

The Organic Prepper

This blog is a guide for a 100% organic preparedness by Daisy Luther, she has included contents from gardening food to prepare health hacks, prepare to store information by experienced of her life.

And a specific scenario which she emphasis is frugality the quality of being economical with money or food; thriftiness which included tips can be applied to uplift day to day normal life.

And also a facility available to by prepared food through the website which is a super easy way for readers.

Top Articles:

The Survival Mom

This blog was started by Lisa Bedford. She realized the necessity of survival and prepping, after she stepped into life with her husband and kids.

Realizing the challenges life brings. She states that the base of survival is prepping. She believes as unavoidable real world problems are, you need to take charge early in life and get things done ahead.

So you are always prepared and can maintain the same standard of living always.

Top Articles:

Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life is a link for those who are into hunting. They guide you through procedures step by step. Suggestion on which animal in which season.

The choice of weapon and the right way of handling them. The best tips I feel is they even guide on checking on the types of bugs or ticks the animals may carry. Finally the great ways of presenting you meal.

Top Articles:

Prepared Housewives

An ideal link for a wife/a mother. This page gives a home-maker the perfect types on smart shopping, prepping, storing and labeling all necessities.

It’s filled with suggestions for day to day conveniences and takes you through festive preparations too. A lovely guide on how to be prepared for the little and big emergencies in life.

Top Articles:

A blog ideally for the adventurous trekker. A summarized guide for knives and camping equipment for the backpacker.

This may be the ideal link for a basic adventurous backpacker, but not exactly for the die-hard trekker. The pictures posted of the camping trips done would definitely entice any adventure and nature lover.

Living Life In Rural Iowa

Living Life In Rural Iowa is the first blog which came across addressing preppers and reminding, that it is not only physical prepping but it takes mental and spiritual prepping too.

It reminds us that being prepared is all about living a comfortable and relaxed life while being alert and ready to face challenges thrown to us in life.

Top Articles:

Food Storage And Survival

Angela the author of this blog food storage and survival has home at heart. Her tips and advice, help us see the simple touches we could put together from items in abundance with the season.

She also has advised to grooming kids to be preppers too. Tips on food storage are mind blowing, munching on trips or snuggling at home.

Top Articles:


This blog guides you to prepping and storing all types of groceries, from grains to fast perishable items.

A variety of methods and options are given along with the rough idea of the cost if you need to make any investments.

Oh! Nevertheless the best tip preppers are advised on, is investing on items as dehydrators and suggestions on how to earn back the investments.

Top Articles:

Modern Survival Online

This blog takes you through a larger vast category of prepping and survival tips and plans. It advises on gun handling for survival.

Prepping for outing and trekking. Prepping with produce of the season. This has a guide on advice for livestock breading preppers too. Also the prepping guide for survival during natural disasters.

Top Articles:

Preparing For Shtf

In this blog we get advice for trekking and gaming. Useful tips on prepping for survival, from first aids to solar panels to weapons.

A good guide to prepping a garden. Good advice on the best seeds to be sewn earlier, what lasts through weather changes? Etc. This link is all about the outdoors.

Top Articles:

Survival Weekly

Jim Cobb, a prepper has taken prepping to a new level and presents Survival Weekly. His prepping and survival advice is shared by him on social media through every possible forum.

He says he guides preppers to be able to face whatever life decides to throw their way. The link is backed with articles, videos, product reviews and a common sense approach to preparedness, he says.

Top Articles:

Outdoor Self Reliance

This blog is all about the outdoor hiker. Detailed guide to packing and camping items, to first aid, to food.

This is all well explained. Picture details to help out make it easier for prepping. Two unique details I noticed, are guidance to ultra-light packing tips and best yet reminds the survivor not to pack their fears and others fears.

Top Articles:

Florida Hillbilly

An interesting blog, an exceptional understanding to a perfect prepper. Here it is explained that prepping ahead is not only for times of SOS! Calls.

The author gives us a good explanation that even family happiness is also a SOS! Call. Recipes and great advice is very kindly shared in this blog.

Top Articles:

My Family Survival Plan

This blog is another unique survival information provider. This gives you advise on some rather unusual items you could pack to your survival pack.

This page opens your eyes to another level, or rather exactly that I would understand would make an “A Perfect Prepper”. All out of the box suggestions. Should the necessity arise they would be just perfect.

For The Prepper

This blog is a one glance page for all your needs. Everything a prepper may consider necessary will appear her.

Along with a good product description, customer reviews, promotional items, price and shipping details. This would be heaven for preppers as it gives such clarity and guidance and availability and access.

Top Products:


Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness. Covering information in picture detail in everyone interested in prepping for surviving short or long term emergencies.

Starting from basic, explained in perfect detail. Users of the materials or items. A good guide for preparation of survival kit, and a good idea to give to prepper starters.

Top Articles:


What is the difference between preppers and hoarders? Preppers are so well organized and have good control of their stocks and collections.

That they do not need to throw away items that are collected as they may have expired.

They are so well prepared that they label and mark and categorize everything, so they know what needs to be used and by when.

Top Articles:


Backwoods Survival blog is a movie review. It brings to reality the lessons learnt and given to preppers and survivors.

It is that it all revolves around the toll taken by things one must do to survive and protect those they care for and those around them. It is reminded here that it is not just you, it is all around.

Home Reality Survival

This blog has a lot of suggestions on survival. They have a lot of suggestions and recommendations for goods and items that could help for survival.

Here they teach a lot of survival skills too. Included are topics of survival in the wilderness, urban survival, disaster preparedness, bush craft as well as escape and evasions skills.

Top Articles:

Prepper Link

This is a very useful and a practical link for a prepper. Great tips are given for types of gardening you could do as a prepper.

The protection you could take in case of natural disasters. It looks into weapons for survival too. Advice is given on basic first aid as well.

Top Articles:

The Truth About Knives

This link gives us an in-depth description of the type of knives available and their specific characteristics. From the types of knives we use in our kitchen.

Each one is made in a specific style, shape and size. Likewise other knives used in hunting and camping have their unique features too.

Top Articles:

More Than Just Surviving

This link gives us an in-depth categorized version from a preppers view. It lays out practical users of prepping, food and storing.

Items coming out of a handbag and a pocket dump. It also shows a view of a prepper before it actually took to prepping, and mistakes made and learnt.

Top Articles:

The Survivalist Blog

Survival Skills – plan, prepare and survive as they put it in a nutshell. This blog has a lot of useful prepper news and reviews.

Home defense plans and security and tactical tools. Tips on requirements for a survival rifle. Also there to read an assessment of the key to your survival when the situation seems hopeless.

Top Articles:

Survival Blog

“Every Prepper Must Establish Goals And Make Long Term And Short Term Plans”, says the editor. Here they give a good guide to prepping yourself to the cold days to come.

Sound advice is given on water systems, life stocks, security, food storage and many more challenges faced in this extreme weather.

Top Articles:

Ready Nutrition

They call it food freedom.

The prepper is given simple guidelines on what is needed and what is not.

Controlling, alternating well put forward by the editor on this blog. Useful tips are given for year round gardening.

They also have a good guide for livestock production, within the backyard. This sounds most convincing as author mentions his first-hand experience in it.

Top Articles:

Modern Survival Blog

The greatest survival tool “Awareness”. How true being aware of possibilities and awareness of the environment and situations, brings out the greatest survival tool.

This link shares many tips you could use and act on in a situation. It also has an open forum, “What Did You Do For Your Preparedness This Week”.

Top Articles:

Survival Gear Store

This link will help all preppers to choose their equipment. It has a comprehensive data base of survival gear.

Products have been categorized and reviewed in great detail. So the view could chose the item or equipment that would suite them best in one go.

For the prepper who has no time to do their own food preservation they have food packs, available too.

Top Articles:

Preparedness Advice

This link has a couple of prepping principals and a lot of day to day very informative data which could help a simple prepper and a prepper for survival.

A prepper for survival person has also got a lot of categories and details that would be most helpful to them.

Top Articles:

Apartment Prepper

A tailor made link just for apartment dwellers.

Great ideas for balcony gardens, herb plots, fruit trees that would be a great source of fresh products, whilst living in a concrete tower Tips on surviving crimes that often occur in apartments is also reviewed They also have a segment “Small Space Prepping”.

Great advise on stashing stocks.

Top Articles:

Rational Preparedness

Rational Preparedness is a blog and a radio show and podcast. A book has also being written by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel.

She has been a prepper since 1981. She believes in “Rational Preparedness”, meaning each family should prepare for reasonable disasters that are most possible that they live in very different perspective to most.

Prepared For Survival

The perfect blog for prep survival beginners. In depth detail of crucial necessities for the first critical 72 hours.

Food storage ideas and advice along with some home-made recipes and guidance to cook, pack and store. Twenty tutorials on how to build solar heaters and advise on survival gear.

Top Articles:

Survivalist Prepper

This blogs helps you prepare for a variety of situations. A first again for me where it advises on prepping for economic collapse, advice and solutions.

All these are discussed here. They also discuss preparation for pandemics and other biological threats.

Also on the blog is an overlook of prepping supplies and techniques.

Top Articles:

Survival And Prosperity

A link through which you could be guided to gear and supplies for survival. This blog also focuses on financial safety and growth.

The editor’s main focus on financial stability. He advises preppers as it has become his new brainstorming blog “Projecting And Growing Self And Wealth”.

Being a prepper is not just stocking up all the time but its calculating the risk factors too.

Top Articles:

Stealth Survival

An ideal reminder to the prepper for survival. This blog reminds you of re planning your prep plans, giving them a try in case situations have not changed or skills may have reduced.

They encourage to gather the team together, go back to plan, see how it works now. Things change every day, so keep practicing and reminding.

Mom With A PREP

Great types on building an emergency bag for kids. Tips are given on great buys at end of season sales so you could get it cheap and be prepped for an emergency.

Recipes and suggestions are also available for preserving foods and dehydrating fruits. Great tips on keeping your family warm in case a storm cuts off power.

Top Articles:

Re Think Survival

Rethink Survival is a great idea indeed. Unlike most of the blogs suggesting on purchasing things to make a survival kit or prep by shopping.

A lot of ideas here are DIY.

Planning out survival during natural disasters are well laid out on this page, and also a review on hand guns.

Top Articles:

The Survival Doctor

This blog has almost all areas of medical field covered in case of emergency disasters or terrorist attacks.

This is a quick guide for survival in case you or a person close to you has been injured by a bullet or a burn or a born injury. There is a separate page for children first aid and medications too.

Top Articles:

Total Survivalist Blog

This blogger says he is a student and has a job too. So he needs to be super prepped for survival all the time.

He has been a prepper and is just reinforcing his stocks and looking out for good offers as most bloggers suggest. He also discusses the point of using verses collecting.

Top Articles:

Tin Hat Ranch

How machines will rule you, is the main focus on this blog.

They are explaining the consequences of modern developments and if the people with keen interest in emergency preparedness could build their reliance on latest machines or is old is gold.

They have great videos explaining the pros and cons of the 21st century.

Top Articles:

Skilled Survival

This blog Skilled Survival is all about thinking smart not only being a prepper.

Great ideas are given as to hiding away guns and the importance of a radio although every one of us owns a mobile phone and trust on it totally.

Use of desiccant for preppers is an absolute must. They also have a build you ultimate car emergency kit from scratch as a guide for you.

Top Articles:

Preppers Pro

The ideal blog for preppers almost an endless page of reminders and suggestions.

Simplified and pointed out clearly from advise for tools, for bugging out, for medicines which you may not realize could be very important, pet care and comfort food.

I did realize that most of the items they suggests a prepper needs to stock have multiple users.

Surviva Tek

This blog Survival Tek has a lot of guidance on how to actually improvise a lot of survival necessities.

First aid is also explained and survival if you happen to find your-self in this situation is also explained. An in-depth explanation of ready to eat meal packs are also discussed.

From the detail of its content to preparation.

Top Articles:

Survival Joe

This blog is ideal for a prepper.

It gives you a good explanation on prepping your food stocks and they have a unit with children with prepping suggestions as well they also advice on gun use, storage and safety.

They also carry tips on preventing infection, diseases and making portable water in an emergency.

Top Articles:


This blog has very interesting ideas for the adventurous survivor. Camp fire start up guides using a variety of materials.

Example, pencil cut outs. Making food from pine trees and GRUBS. Many of the articles on this page are tackling and handling animals in the wild.

Building simple traps and cleaning and cooking after hunting.

Top Articles:

Outlive The Outbreak

This blog is full of easy to make, easy to store prepper’s friendly favorite foods and snacks.

More food that keep up to 72 hours and snacks that last longer are linked through Pinterest on to this blog. They have a detailed guide for easy go life style tries.

They also have the ultimate bug out bag content list.

Top Articles:

Surviving Prepper

This is one of the few blogs that talks about guns and safety body armor too. Interesting to know that body armor jackets come with many different features as mentioned in this article.

As advised today most gun incidents have been with particular caliber guns. So the armor suitable for this has been explained with in-depth detail.

Top Articles:

Survival & Emergency Preparedness

This blog in for those who are looking into buying guns or rifles for self-defense or survival. It carries an explanation to a variety of bullets and ammunition.

It is an online journal devoted to taking responsibility for getting through whatever life throws at us. They advise to have range day practices once in a way.

Top Articles:

Preparedness Pro

The blog Preparedness Pro has a real-life story of a lady who has not been a prep before.

She had been in a destitute circumstance when she has to run out of her home with her infant and kids into the nasty storm.

She states and realizes the value of being a prepper for survival of not only her but her kids and husbands too.


Equipped is a survival forum open to questions and discussion on emergency preparedness. They provide commentaries and thoughts on survival related news.

There is also an article on lessons learnt after hurricane. Experiences and advice is given here too.

They remind to unplug the TV cables as the storm begins.

Top Articles:

Willow Haven Outdoor

This blog has a variety of survival posts covering a large category as bugging out skills, shelters, water, fire, food; etc.

As stated here, trees can provide a survivor with elements from all core survivors, shelter, water, fire and food.

This link also got a few tutorials and videos to help with survival prepping.

Top Articles:

Prepper Podcast Radio Network

This is a radio network program hosted by prepper’s. On this program they have 5 preppers.

They discuss products and product reviews. They share ideas and thoughts on being a survivor.

Hints and ideas for prepping for different situations. Festive season prepping is also on discussion.

A common discussion they say is “Preppers Then And Now”.

Top Podcasts:

The Survival Place Blog

Self-reliance they call it, the revolutionary world. Prepping surviving either cannot exist without self-reliance.

This blog takes prepping and survival in another path. They believe that this system cannot last forever. These days self-reliance is a revolutionary act.

No matter where you live you can still be self-sufficient this will remain the key to survival.

Top Articles:

The Bug Out Bag Guide

Bug Out Bag Guide is a detailed link helping start up preppers to get started once the bug out bag list is done.

They suggest to have a bug out plan done. Strategic plans for evacuation should be planned out and the family or the team needs to know the plan perfectly.

Top Articles:

Preppers Survive

A very important point is discussed here. Disaster proof your important document.

It is highly recommended to have an important document checklist, along with the copies of the document.

Backing up all your important documents in a thumb drive would be an added advantage.

See that documents are kept in a fire proof, water proof place and copies and originals kept in separate locations.

Top Articles:

Survival At Home

How do you know if you are truly prepared for an emergency bug out situation? Test your skills once in a way.

This blog gives you a clear explanation of disaster readiness, awareness.

Advice and guidance is given for a self-sufficient guard and free home-made recipes and advice on storage and preserving of food.

Top Articles:

Survival Sherpa

This blog all about hands on work. They advise on tree table projects, using hand tools to build log cabin projects and also cooking meals over a camp fire.

Camp fire cooking is a big difference from the usual cooking or semi-permanent fixed camp stoves. They have quite a bit of activity based projects.

Top Articles:

Inch Survival Gear

This blog is a lot about outdoor adventure and survival. They give you great plans, ideas and suggestions to have a kids camping experience during the summer holiday.

It has a blog on child training about home defense. They also have an article on seven ways your survival plans can fail you.

The Prepper Project

The Prepper Project is a blog which provide guidance for the readers towards a survival preparation against unexpected disasters.

And also in passes the information how to survive of day to day life such as fishing, how to get rid or flue and cold at home, herbal medicine and food preservation etc.

Chet & Dave Womach the author of The Prepper Project have started this blog with the intention of correcting people who have been into wrong track about surviving just seen and buying the survival equipment’s on the market.

According to them survival based on staying fed, self defense & property defense, and medical aid and the blog is expanding the articles to give ideas on those.

Bug Out Survival

Man’s life is being collapsing day by day from natural or man-made disaster – or worse – a large – scale breakdown of law and order or disruption of modern civilization, and knowing survival tips and preparation have become a must.

Bugs Out Survival provide the guidance for the readers to be survived from the above scenarios.

This site also include reviews of specific gear items, useful books on the skills needed for wilderness survival, and overviews of specific locations such as national forest wilderness areas.

Top Articles:

Survival Gear Store

The Survival Spot blog is where you can find preparation products and reviews. Books on survival guides, clothing electronics, and food health knives are the some categories which you find the products under.

And also you can see TV series and movies included to get an idea about surviving from doomsday disasters.

Top Articles:

Survival Common Sense

Imagine a day without electricity and light the world has gone dark wonder how you going to survive without all the essential.

Survival common sense will help you to get rid from your worst nightmare and save your life at the end of the day.

It includes articles on camping, emergency cooking hunting and improving skills on surviving by Leone.

Plus it helps the readers to get the products on preparation from there camping store with a better guidance and knowledge.

Top Articles:

Prep Blog

Prep-Blog.Com is a specific blog which talks about unique topics firearms, ammunition, and gun known as rare topics which we cannot find the right information easily.

And also about survival gardening, politics and economics as these relate to prepping, and different types of survival equipment and tools.

And also provides links for more knowledge, survival blog list where you can read for more and many more updated news for better preparation for future disasters.

Top Articles:


This blog consists of a diverse team of survivors. With prepping ideas and guidelines from their experiences and knowledge, they realize that peppers could lead lives of isolation.

If this is a sign in the pepper. This team helps you with suggestions and ideas on how to get out of such loss.

They provide detailed guidance on how to protect your family whilst being an asset to your community as well.

Top Articles:

Conclusion | Best Survival Blogs

We hope above couple of blogs helped you to get an idea about survival and prepper and also about prepper products.

And these are only few blogs which we could discover among thousands of different survival related blogs and uniqueness is most of them have included content by the authors experience so it would make easier for you to get encourage and motivate yourself to be prepared more than just reading some ideas by imagination.

Be prepared and survive at the end.

Suggestions and ideas are mostly welcome!

This site is a free online resource that allows consumers to view our editorial rankings and product comparisons. All of our research is our own and is not biased towards any specific product or company. To read more visit our About Us page. Jay's Guide Staff - Sri Lanka

Survival Knives

Best Survival Knife 2018 – Review Of The Top 10 Survival Knives & Buyer’s Guide

Best Survival Knife 2018 : In order to know which knives are the best for survival, you first must know what a survival knife is.

Some would describe the Best Survival Knife as a compact and durable blade with sharp edges used for protection. That wouldn’t be a wrong definition, but there is much more to a survival knife.

First of all, a good knife must have a stainless steel that can cut through almost anything you can find in natural habitat.

Secondly, handle must be made with a solid design which provides good comfort and a tight grip.

Anyhow, the best survival knife is a tool that can really help you when you get stuck in some kind of trouble.

The performance of a great survival knife must not disappoint. Plainly speaking, this knife needs to be able to do all kind of stuff, like wood carving, cutting, skinning, and so on.

Furthermore, there is a lot of types of a survival knife, which only applies that one knife can’t satisfy all needs.

So in order to present you with the best survival knives, we have prepared this review, and we are hoping this will help you out.

Best Survival Knife 2018:

Now, let’s get right into the review. These are the Best Survival Knives money can buy.

01. Stat Gear 99416 Survival Outdoor Knife – Best Survival Knife To Buy In 2018 | One Of Best Camping Knife

Surviv-All Survival KnifeFirst of all, we must say that this knife can be considered nearly perfect when it comes to survival. Not only, it excels in performance but is also quite comfortable to hold.

Only best of the best knives are made with a stainless steel, but this one is made with carbon 440 stainless steel which is a great material for knives.

The steel is not only a material used to make a blade of this knife, but also the handle is made of a stainless steel which is covered in rubber texture.

Anyhow, some people love rubber handles since they are neither considered soft or hard.

One thing that best describes this knife is the heavy duty belt sheath. It includes a fire starter rod and cord cutter, which is a good thing since you don’t need to pull your knife out for some little cuts.

All these features are quite remarkable, and we could go on and on with this knife, but let’s just state the facts that are considered to be important.

Every Knife Needs A Knife Sharpener, This One Has It. There Is Integrated Knife Sharpener Stone On The Back Of The Sheath.

This is quite practical, now you don’t need to search for sharpeners when you have one on the sheath.

It is also important to mention, as we are talking about the sheath, that the knife handle is protected by the sheath with the patent-pending para-secure paracord handle strap.

Well, Stat Gear never jokes when it comes to protection or security of their buyers.

In this light, we have to mention a knife length as well, which is nine point five inches (9.5), blade length is four point twenty-five inches (4.25), knife weight is seven point five ounces (7.5), and a knife weight in the sheath is thirteen ounces (13).

  • Made Out Of 440 Stainless Steel Full Tang.
  • Drop Point Blade For Easier Usage.
  • Steel Pommel Which Makes The Knife More Durable.
  • Blade Sharpening Stone In The Rear Of The Sheath.
  • Handle Made Out Of Rubber Which Makes The Knife More Comfortable.
  • The Fire Steel Is Mounted Upside Down On The Sheath And Can Be Difficult To Secure. Might Fall Off.
  • Ferro Rod Is Hard To Remove.

Anyhow, this knife is quite valuable, it holds pretty good value for the cash, and won’t disappoint you in any case.

Furthermore, we conclude that this survival knife is affordable.

It can be of a good help when it comes to skinning or wood carving. Basically, all the hunting and finish jobs can be done with this remarkable knife.

Overall Value Of The Stat Gear Survival Outdoor Knife Is 9.2/10. This knife also at one of Best Camping Knife.

In addition to all the things we said about this survival knife, we must rate it nine out of ten.

The only reason we took 0.8 of is that there are some better knives out there. We are simply that this knife will do the job without any difficulties, but there is some a little bit better knives out there.

02. Sog Seal Pup Elite Fixed Knife

SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37T-K - Black TiNi 4.85" AUS-8 Partially Serrated Blade, GRN Handle, Hard Molded Nylon SheathSOG Seal pup elite blade is newly designed with a longer ergonomic handle, which can be useful, because of deeper finger grooves.

You also need to know that the blade is made from AUS-8 steel with a remarkable TiNi finish.

However, the blade is very sharp, but don’t be scared, because it is perfectly safe to use due to its design.

Some people would say, that you won’t be experiencing any difficulties with using this blade.

The knife has is long nine point five (9.5), inches overall, blade thickness is point nineteen inches (0.19) and the weight is five point four (5.4) ounces.

Whenever we talk about the style of a knife, the first thing that pops into anyone’s head is appearance.

Plainly speaking, this beautiful knife is made with futuristic style. That will definitely provide this knife with the good looks.

Innovative design and pretty unique shape of this knife is something to brag about.

  • New Blade Shape, With A Longer Cutting Edge.
  • Added Blade Spine Reps For Thumb Placement.
  • Made From Very Strong And Durable Materials.
  • The Handle Is Made From Glass-Reinforced Nylon For Comfort.
  • Includes A Black Kydes Sheath With A Belt Loop Attachment.
  • Some People Consider It To Be Small And Light For A Survival Knife.
  • A Little Bit Quality Lacking Parts.

In the light of every said about this knife, we can just add some more words about the price.

This Knife Belongs To The Lower Bracket Of The ‘’High-End’’ Category. It Does Hold A Pretty Good Value For The Cash And It Doesn’t Cost A Fortune Either.

Overall Value Of The SOG Seal Pup Elite Fixed Knife Is 9.4/10

This knife is surely a true survival tool, it just doesn’t excel in a performance good as some other knives. But don’t be misguided, this knife is absolutely worth every penny.

03. Sportsman Folding Knife For Fishing Or Hunting

Sportsman Folding Knife With 5 Yr Guarantee! Premium Titanium Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife Is Best For Camping - Survival Gear - Fishing Or Hunting. A Tool For Any OutdoorsmanFirst of all, we must say a word or two about Sportsman brand. As you may know, Sportsman is mostly focused on constructing the reliable and high-quality products.

Plainly speaking, customers experience is something they really care about.

Therefore, Sportsman is a reliable brand and they do not joke about when it comes to making a good knife.

This survival knife is probably one of the best knives you will stumble upon.

There is a lot of features which are considered quite remarkable.

For starters, let’s say something more about durability. The durability of this knife is something to brag about. It is built to last.

Made from pure stainless steel with a razor sharp three point seven (3.7) inches long drop-point blade. This blade is also considered to be rust resistant and is made to perform greatly.

This knife is so easy to pull out since it has a removable pocket clip to secure you from cutting yourself. However, you can consider this knife to be a perfect gift for someone who is really into backpacking, hiking, fishing and much more.

Some would say that this knife really excels in performance due to a high-quality handle which is well-constructed out of stainless steel as well. It really is comfortable to hold this survival knife.

Since it is one of the best survival knives, we really must say that Sportsman made it be remarkable. Full length is eight point eighty-five (8.85) inches of pure stainless steel. Weight is ten point six (10.6) ounces.

  • 420 Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Handle With A Thick Blade.
  • High Rust And Corrosion Resistance.
  • Dual Studs And Spine Flippers Which Will Provide You To Deploy Fast.
  • Removable Pocket Clip.
  • Too Heavy, If You Don’t Like Having A Heavy And Strong Knife, This Might Not Be Your Favorite.
  • The Belt Clip Can Come Off And Become Loose After Some Time.

With this being said about this survival knife, we can discuss the value. This knife holds pretty good value for the cash. It belongs to the ‘’cheap’’ price point category.

It Is Probably One Of The Best Survival Knives You Can Spend Your Money On, So If You Are A True Man Or Woman Of Adventure, This Should Be Your Favorite.

Overall Value Of The Sportsman Folding Knife Is 8.4/10

There isn’t much more to say about this truly remarkable knife, it holds pretty good value for the cash, it excels in performance, and it is quite durable and comfortable.

The Reason Why It Isn’t 10 Out Of 10 Is That It Is Considered To Be A Heavier Knife Then The Rest, So Some People Won’t Have The Best Experience With This Knife.

04. Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife – Best Camping Knife To Buy In 2018

Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife, Serrated Edge, Drop PointGerber is a company that is considered to be outstanding when it comes to making the perfect knives.

We won’t call this knife perfect, but near-perfect is quite the word that best describes both Gerber and Gerber knives.

One more thing that is quite good about Gerber Company is, that all their products are made in Portland which is good and reliable.

Now, let’s say something more about the knife. This is a Bear Grylls Scout edition survival knife.

We all know how much help someone can benefit from a good survival knife.

This knife is made from stainless steel, with a drop point blade. It is ideal for cutting, wood carving and much more.

This is the best indicator for performance, and this knife excels in performance better than most survival knives out there.

The handle is ergonomically designed with a rubber grip to maximize the comfort you get from holding it. It is quite safe to say, that this knife won’t slip out of your hand at any time.

There is also a clip for easier pocket carry that is considered to be the number one priority of survival pocket guide. With this knife, you really can’t go wrong.

This knife features overall length of seven point three (7.3) inches, closed length is four inches and blade length is three point sixty-three (3.63) inches. The weight is two point fifty-four (2.54) ounces.

  • Performance Is Quite Good, Due To The Materials Used To Craft This Knife.
  • Durability Is A Second Best Thing About This Survival Knife Which Is Also Good And Last Very Long.
  • Comfortable Handle For Easier Use.
  • Pretty Affordable And Many People Find It Valuable.
  • Needs Sharpening Often More Than The Other Knives.
  • There Might Be Side To Side And Vertical Blade Movements.

Furthermore, we might add that this knife holds pretty affordable price. It belongs to the ‘’cheap’’ price point category.

There are much more expensive knives than this one that will not provide with what this knife can do for you, so it is safe to say that this survival knife holds good value on the market.

Overall Value Of The Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Knife Is 8.6/10. We would like to honor this knife as the Best Camping Knife to buy in 2018.

In The Light Of Everything We Said About This Knife, We Might Conclude That The Value Is Pretty Great.
We Can’t Rate This Knife With Ten Out Of Ten Because There Are Some Better Knives Out There. Anyhow, This Could Be Your Favorite If You Give Him The Chance.

05. Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, BlackOne more knife from Gerber’s company stocks. As we already stated that Gerber is a reliable brand, we will go straight to the survival knife.

This knife is quite strong. It is made constructed from serrated blade that can be of help in all sorts of situations you can find yourself in when you go into nature.

Maybe you need it to cut firewood, perhaps for building a shelter or even you could use it to skin or curve.

Great, this knife will definitely help you with in this kind of jobs.

The LMF II survival knife is considered to be one of the best on the market. With smart and versatile design, this knife will provide you a secure grip and will never fall out of your hand when it’s either wet or moist.

The comfort is one the best features this knife can provide. It is quite comfortable to hold and use it for almost everything.

The sheath of the knife is low-profile, including a build-in carbide sharpener. This knife can withhold ton of abuse, but when it needs sharpening, you won’t find yourself helpless.

  • Durability Is Immense. This Knife Can Withstand Almost Any Kind Of Pressure.
  • This Knife Performance Is Great In Every Kind Of Situation. It Really Is Something Special.
  • Comfortable Handle To Provide You With A Secure Grip, Also It Is So Easy To Use This Knife As Well.
  • The Sheath Is Also High-Quality, Which Is Considered To Be Something That Separates This Knife From The Others.
  • This kKnife Is Definitely Not Meant For Someone With An Experience With Knives.
  • The Sheath Might Scratch The Knife, So Be Careful How You Pull It Out.

Anyhow, with all this thins said about this item, we must add that this is one of the best survival knives out there.

This knife belongs to the ‘’high-end’’ price point category, it is not that cheap, but still, doesn’t cost a fortune.

Overall Value Of The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife Is 9.4/10

With Everything Said About This Remarkable Knife, We Must Conclude That It Deserve A Clean 9.4 Out Of Ten Rating.

You will have to search pretty long to find some better knife than this one, especially for a survival.

06. Hancara – Utility Combat Knife For Camping And Survival

HANCARA - Utility Combat Tactical Knife For Camping Survival Hunting And Outdoor ActivitiesHancara utility combat knife for survival is known to be one of the best knives for survival on the market.

Anyhow, there are a lot of features that best describe this knife performance and quality, so let’s start talking about them.

First of all, this knife is made out of high-quality materials. The blade is made from the black carbon stainless steel, and it is made to withstand all sorts of pressure.

Also, it is important to mention that this knife has excellent hardness and edge retention.

Hancara is designed for tactical purposes, which includes combat and much more survival-like situations. It is great if you find yourself to be a camper, hunter, outdoor enthusiasts and so on.

The durability is quite something this knife can brag about. Not only it is resistant to rust, but it can also be considered a long life-span knife.

However, Even If The Knife Is Sharp And Strong, It Also Must Be Safe To Use. There Are Some Knives That Are Pretty Hard To Use.

Not this one, this knife is easy to carry with nylon wrapped handle, and high-quality sheath.

This knife is a little bit different than the others, because of the handle. The handle is also metal, but it is wrapped with a thick nylon rope that can provide you with a tight and secure grip.

One more thing that really set this knife in a high-quality category is a delicate size. The size of this knife will ensure you of a utility and convenience usage. Overall length is seven point four (7.4) inches with three mm thickness. The weight is one hundred and fifty (150) grams.

So, it is safe to say, that this knife is small and flat enough to fit everywhere. Made for men who loves a true adventure and trips into the wild.

  • High Durability Knife Which Is Also Considered To Be A Long Life-Span Knife.
  • It Excels In Performance In Every Type Of Situation.
  • Pretty Safe To Use And Easy To Carry.
  • It Is Not Expensive And Totally Affordable.
  • Due To Its Dimensions, This Knife Could Be Harder To Use For Someone Who Has Smaller Hands And Lighter Grip.

Furthermore, as we said everything about the specifications of the knife, we may talk a little bit about the price. This knife is quite valuable. It holds pretty good value for the cash, and it is not expensive. It belongs to the ‘’bargain’’ price point category.

Overall Value Of The Hancara – Utility Combat Knife For Camping And Survival Is 8.4/10

This knife is good at performing, and durability is high. Style and appearance are quite amazing, so the only reason why we took 1.6 points off is that not everyone will be satisfied with this knife. It is made to fit a strong hand and a reliable owner.

07. Rogue River Tactical Big Jim Large Bowie Knife

Rogue River Tactical Big Jim Large Bowie KnifeRogue River Tactical is a high-quality brand that provides tactical gear for everyone around the world. They are capable of making the best survival knives in every kind of category.

One of their best works is Big Jim large bowie knife. This one is not joking when It comes to survival in nature.

So let’s start discussing all the good and bad things this knife has to offer. You will clearly see that couple of bad things are In the shadow of the many good ones.

Big Jim is made out of stainless steel to prevent any kind of rusting or corrosion.

Overall length is sixteen (16) inches and the blade is eleven (11) inches long. With this long blade, imagine all the things this knife is capable of.

The handle is made out of wood, so we can surely say that is it comfortable to hold it. With this kind of material, this knife excels in performance better than most of other knives.

As for protection, they really thought about that too, this knife has knuckle guards for easier usage and offers more protection. It is really safe to do the job with this survival knife.

Made for big knife lovers, that’s why it is called Big Jim. Some people might experience slight problems with a use of this knife because of the size. It is really long and weights a lot.

It comes supplied with a leather sheath with ties, making it quite good-looking. Plainly speaking, this knife will make you look stronger and more serious on the job than others will do.

  • Good Performance In Almost Every Field And Survival Situations.
  • Quite Durable And Strong. It Is Considered To Withhold Any Kind Of Abuse.
  • Comes Supplied With An Awesome Leather Sheath For More Elegant Looks.
  • Very Comfortable Due To The Wooden Handle.
  • The Sheath Of The Knife Is A Little Bit Thin, So It Is Possible To Tear Up Over Time.
  • Needs Sharpening More Often Because The Blade Is Not Made In The US.

With this being said about the knife, Big Jim is proven to be of a big help when it comes to camping, hiking, or any kind of survival.

One More Thing Needs To Be Said, And That Is The Price. This Knife Belongs To The ‘’Affordable’’ Price Point Category. Everyone Can Buy It, It Is Not Expensive.

Overall Value Of The Rogue River Tactical Big Jim Large Bowie Knife Is 8/10

After all, this knife is good and valuable, but there are possibly some better ones too. This is considered to be a tactical knife, and it does everything well.

We Rate It 8 Out Of Ten Only Because There Are Some Flaws With The Sheath And Overall Performance Is Mediocre.

08. USA Defenders – Best Hunting And Survival Knife

Best Hunting Tactical Survival Knife-Hunting Knife With Sheath And Fire Starter-HogUSA Defender survival knife is made for a true survival enthusiasts. This knife is very long, and it has so much power.

Plainly speaking, you would not need to worry about many things when you have this knife by your side.

The blade is made from stainless steel with a razor sharp top.

It is great for almost any kind of job that needs to be done when you are on the camping.

This knife performance excels in all kind of situations.

Wood carving, skinning, wood cutting and so on, all these jobs will be easier to do with this beauty.

The handle is also metal, but it is wrapped in nylon rope for more comfortable grip. It really feels good when you hold something like this in your hand.

Most people use it for hunting and fishing. It is considered to be a number one priority when you go into to wild. Anyhow, this is a totally reliable knife and won’t fail you when you need it the most.

  • Good For Fishing Or Hunting. Skinning A Deer Is Easy With This Knife, And Also You Can Filet Fish With Ease.
  • Durable And Strong, It Is Capable Of Withholding All Sorts Of Pressure.
  • The Appearance Of This Knife Is Something To Brag About, Most People Admire The Owners Of This Knife.
  • Pretty Cheap, And Would Make A Good Gift For A Camper Or Hiker.
  • The Handle Has Pretty Sharp Edges, So You Must Be Careful When You Hold It.
  • The Sheath Of This Knife Is Considered To Be An Average-Quality.

Overall Value Of The USA Defenders – Best Hunting And Survival Knife Is 6.8/10

Furthermore, We Conclude That This Knife Is Pretty Valuable, And Holds Good Value For The Cash. It Belongs To The ‘’Bargain’’ Price Point Category, And Everyone Can Afford It With Ease.

Not to be misleading, but this knife is quite good when you have some experience in this field.

In Case You Are New To Camping Or Any Kind Of Outdoors Situation We Suggest You Pick Something Else. This Knife Is Very Big And Heavy So Not Everyone Will Like It, That Is The Reason We Are It 6.8 Out Of Ten.

09. Grand Way – Fixed Blade Knife With Wood Handle

Hunting Survival Fixed Blade Knife - Tactical Bushcraft Knife With Wood Handle For Hiking And FishingGrand Way knives are probably one of the best hunting knives out there. They are also good for survival purposes too.

This knife, for example, is made for the most difficult jobs, and it gets them done perfectly.

The blade is made out of stainless steel 420c, which is pretty durable and strong material.

Most of the times when you use this knife you will find it to be a remarkable one.

Due to the materials used to craft this beauty, it does not need any sharpening, so you don’t need to waste your time on that.

Many people are looking for a knife like this.

It is resistant to rust so you can pull it out on a rainy day and won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. Rust and corrosion resistant knives are more valuable than the others.

As for the durability of the knife, we already said what this knife is made to do, so it is pretty much clear that this knife is quite durable and you will find it a reliable asset when you go on a hunting trip.

One this that really is making this knife a special one is the sheath.

It is solid and practical and it allows you to put the knife properly on your belt. The sheath is made out of nylon cordura and it is considered pretty valuable.

  • Made For The Most Difficult Jobs, And Does Them Well.
  • The Blade Is Made From 420 Stainless Steel And Prevents Rusting And Corrosion.
  • Durability Is High, It Can Withhold So Much Pressure.
  • Doesn’t Need Sharpening, Because Of The High-Quality Factory Sharpening.
  • The Sheath Is Quality Is Average. It Feels That Is Cheaply Made.

This knife belongs to the ‘’bargain’’ price point category, and it is quite valuable.

There Are Some Knives That Are Way More Expensive Than This One, But Can’t Provide You With All These Features And Goods. That Is Why This Knife Holds Pretty Good Spot On The Market.

Overall Value Of The Grand Way – Fixed Blade Knife With Wood Handle Is 9.2/10

Without anything more to add, we might just conclude that this knife is quite good when it comes to durability and quality.

It is made for to be an asset for the hardest jobs. The only reason we took 0.8 points out of ten is that of the sheath, which is average-quality. Anyhow, this knife will definitely not disappoint you.

10. BlizeTec Survival Knife – Tactical Pocket Folding Knife

BlizeTec Survival Knife: Best 5-in-1 Tactical Pocket Folding Knife With LED LightBlizeTec survival knife is great for so many reasons. Overall features and benefits are really making this knife number one pick when it comes to security.

You will always be prepared for the action with this survival knife.

Now, let’s talk about the features. This knife is considered to be the best emergency tool.

It is constructed out of the best stainless steel with a nylon bag.

Function parts are drop-point blade, bright LED flashlight, magnesium alloy fire starter, blade lock for security, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip.

All these things are for sure making this knife excel greatly in performance without any flaws or difficulties. Just imagine yourself on a camping trip with this remarkable survival knife.

This knife is nearly perfect for all kind of occasions, like camping or hiking, even the more complex ones too, like hunting. So it is safe to say, that this survival knife is good or all sorts of outdoor activity.

One Of The Best Things About This Knife Is The Size And Weight. It Is Very Light, So Anyone Can Use It Without Any Trouble, Not Like Some Bigger Knives That Require More Skilled Approach.

You can carry this knife on the belt clip or in the nylon bag. It is very easy to use due to its design and functionality.

LED light is next good thing about this survival knife. Many times you can find yourself in a need of some kind of light. Well, forget about the flashlights, this knife can provide you with light even in the darkest of moments.

  • Very Light And Easy To Use And Carry Around. Includes A Belt Clip As Well.
  • It Is Quite Sharp And Precise, Made Out Of Stainless Steel With Aluminum Handle.
  • 5-in-1 Mini Emergency Tool, Only To Provide You With The Best Security.
  • LED Light Is Going On For 12 Hours With New Batteries.
  • Life Time Warranty.
  • Comes Equipped With A Nylon Pouch And Premium Gift Box.
  • The Flashlight Is Not Very Strong. If You Carry It Around With You The Whole Day, The Flashlight Might Fall Off.
  • The Sheath Is Made To Be An Average-Quality Sheath.

Now, to talk about the price of this survival knife, we must say that it belongs in the ‘’affordable’’ price point category.

It is definitely not expensive, but it is not cheap either. Furthermore, we can conclude that this knife holds pretty good value for the cash.

Overall Value Of The BlizeTec Survival Knife – Tactical Pocket Folding Knife Is 9/10

This knife is great, and it performs very well in all sorts of situations. The durability of this knife is also a good thing to mention, it is made from high-quality materials as well.

The only reason it is nine out of ten is that the flashlight falls off from time to time. So if you find outdoors stuff interesting, this knife can provide you with the best experience.

Buyers Guide To Best Survival Knife In 2018:

There are some things you should know if you are planning on buying a survival knife. First of all, best survival knives are not to be taken for granted.

You are supposed to be a responsible person if you want to buy these knives.

Anyhow, most people don’t know that the best survival knives are not the ones with the biggest price. There is a very big number of knives which are pretty affordable and does more for less money.

Plainly speaking, there are some knives that holds ‘’high-end’’ price point category, but their performance is mediocre and they are filled with flaws in all sorts of features.

To prevent you from making a bad choice, we have prepared this review so you can choose for the best survival knife among a vast number of choices online.

Furthermore, we conclude that the best survival knife must have a certain quality standards and good features.

For example, you should always pick a knife with better performance, even dough it might be a little big expensive than the other knives. The durability is also an important factor.

The best survival knife must have at least an average-quality durability which means it must be resistant to rust or corrosion and must withhold all sorts of pressure.

As for the features and bonus stuff that comes with a knife, that is only your call to make if it is good or bad for you. Some knives just have more to offer, some are simple and functional.

Anyway, find something that suits you and go with it.

Tips And Tricks To Buy Best Survival Knife In 2018:

There are some tips and trick we would like to present to you, so you can maximize your survival knife usage. So let’s just start discussing about it.

First useful tip you should definitely know is that if a knife has holes on the handle it means it is a more survival-like knife. Those holes can prevent you from dropping the knife and ensures you have the best possible grip.

Anyhow, knives with holes are also extremely good at performing in rainy occasions or some water-like situations.

Second, every survival knife should come equipped with a fire starting pack. There are lots of ways to start a fire, and even dough you don’t have a fire starter pack, you could use your knife for it.

This feature is quite important, so search for knives which can provide you with a fire starting pack.

Third, some of the best survival knives have a back made like a saw. For more possibilities and security when it comes to survival, this knifes can be of a very big help for wood cutting or carving, making a shelter for yourself, and so on.

And the last tip you should know is that the best survival knife can be used to make a rope.

Not every knife is used for rope-making, but plenty of them are. Some knife has a hook on the back of the blade for easier rope-making action.


Here comes possibly the most important part of the best survival knives there is, construction.

Every knife should be made out of stainless steel which is the first thing that describes best survival knives.

Therefore, a ceramic or a plastic knife is a way of the limits when it comes to survival. Not only, the materials are important, the design is also a crucial thing here.

Every survival knife has a unique design, and it is safe to say that there are not two knives designed literally the same. Anyhow, a design is quite important because It can affect performance.

Some people would be surprised to know what sorts of test best survival knives endured to be on the market. Even if there is a little flaw in the design, that can affect the performance greatly.


The appearance of the best survival knives is important as well as durability, performance or design. Many styles and shapes that make you look great when you hold that knife is considered to be an important factor for people on the outdoor trips.

The sheath is also crucial.

Many knife makers do not care about the sheath as they care about the knife when they construct one. Therefore, when you find a survival knife with a good sheath, you should know that it can be considered valuable.

The size is also something you should consider a great factor. There are some small and light survival knives, which are simply elegant or classic.

On the other side, there are some big and strong-looking knives that require some sort of training or skills to use them properly.

Anyhow, all these things make one knife be the best survival knife there is. Even dough it can be small or big, designed for wood carving or fishing, made with a good sheath or an average-quality one, a survival knife is a tool that can help you when you need it most.

The Final Verdict | Best Survival Knife 2018

With all this said about the best survival knives, there is only one question to answer!

Which one should you pick?

We simply made a review to help you choose the best survival knives, there are a lot of versatility in the styles and performance and features as well.

Some knives are better than others, that is why we made a rating scale to help you get the best possible opinion on these best survival knives.

In the light of everything said about knives we might just add that a good knife is much more than a tool when it comes to survival and troublesome situations.

Now you know what it takes for one knife to become the best survival knife. Therefore, we must let you be the judge.

We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new about. Feel free to send a comment or hit that like button. After all, it is your feedback that fuels our passion for writing.

Stay safe, folks!

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