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Best Gaming Chair 2018 – Review Of The Top 10 Gaming Chairs & Buyer’s Guide

Best Gaming Chair 2018 : For any enthusiastic gamer, acquiring a gaming chair is a climax to lots of anticipated gaming experiences. A gaming chair stands in between growing you gaming hobby or throwing in the towel.

Inappropriate chairs give the gamer back ache and will not encourage spending time playing your favorite games. Better gaming chairs now come with extra perks.

The most preferred are those which can recline, easy to clean, adjust with easy, have speakers or wireless connection.

Gaming chairs are also taking over workplaces. Professionals are ditching their regulars for these exotic looking beauties. Need to buy a new seat or replace your old one?

The purpose of this article is to help you make a good decision when purchasing a gaming chair. Here is our selection of the best gaming chair reviews.

Best Gaming Chair 2018

01. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair Review – Best Gaming Chair To Buy In 2018

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, WirelessThe X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 with audio and wireless is a perfect choice for hardcore gamers. Rock your world in this chair which offers a world of interactive audio.

Play throughout the day in this ergonomically designed chair which has vibration, back support and a headrest.

This chair is made of fabric making it easy to clean with its durable grade upholstery to withstand rigorous gaming.

It can be connected to other chairs to get a more ultimate gaming experience.

Play music, watch a movie play your favorite game for full emersion excitement using the X Rocker Pro H3’s four built-in speakers with two from each side.

It also has a built-in powered subwoofer that outputs sound at the rocker bottom.

This uses Ace Bayou’s Innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology. Intensify your audio experience with magnified sound quality through AFM which incorporates the four speakers and ported power subwoofers.

Get a great full-body vibrating sensation as a result of added vibration motors. It also syncs well with your audio’s base tones.

You also get vibration when plugging in your headphones by using a Y-splitter.

There’s extra stability when you sit in this chair provided by its fixed-position gun-stock arms.

Need to game all night?

Don’t worry, this seat will give you long mileage in your gaming experience with its heavy-duty padded backrest plus headrest. The X Rocker Pro H3 is a gaming chair with perfect comfort and easy storage since it can be folded.

For connectivity, this gaming chair comes with inbuilt Bluetooth. You will be able to send audio to your X Rocker Pro H3 from any sources with a headset or RCA output.

Included RCA cables are optional and require a bit of assembling which might seem like a lot of work to some people. Its wireless radio receiver and transmitter does a commendable job, but you have to stock some AAA’s.

Batteries die out after constant use of about 16-24 hours.

This chair is the king in the jungle. It has a lot of features that make any gamer’s experience whole while. With great sound, ability to sync with your other devices, vibration feature and a radio transmitter what more could you wish for.

Sitting in this chair feels like home.

Its padded head rest and gun-stock arms improve user stability and comfort. This wireless gaming chair is the ideal choice for hardcore gamers.

It Provides Comfort That You Will Not Feel Any Kind Of Discontent. Enjoy A Multi User Experience Since This Chair Has A Jack For Connecting With Other Chairs.

Here are some pros and cons for the X Rocker Pro H3.

  • Folds Easy For Storage.
  • Beautiful Upholstery And Quality Leather.
  • Works Like A Rocking Chair.
  • Excellent Sound.
  • Cozy And Plush With Better Quality Padding.
  • Easy To Put Together.
  • Requires An Audio To HDMI Converter To Be Used With A PS4.
  • Not Suitable Sitting With Legs Crossed, You Risk Falling Back.
  • Quite Heavy To Move Around Often.

02. X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair , Wireless , BlackThe X Rocker II offers more than interactive audio, it makes you feel your music.

Become part of your excitement whether, you are playing your favorite game, watching a movie or listening to music.

With the wireless transmission of audio, the X Rocker II comes with two speakers facing forward plus a powerful sub-woofer.

This chair has a control panel on the side where you get the volume, input/output, base monitoring and band-switch. You also get a head phone jack for personal enjoyment.

The X- Rocker II comes with an ergonomic design which has enough support for your back with additional ability to fold to ease storage and movement. You just need to wrap it, and you are on your way within minutes.

Fold it and store it in your closet but you require an extra hand since it weighs a bit heavier.

With durable upholstery vinyl cover, this gaming chair is easy to clean with ability to with stand significant rigorous gaming. It comes with enhanced usability with the ability to work with major video game, video or audio devices.

It’s compatible with PS4, iPod/Mp3, TV/DVD, Xbox, and Wii. You can also connect it to your computer with an adapter.

However, the audio needs to be upgraded to accommodate latest gaming consoles

Get value for money with the X Rocker II, it gives exceptional sound quality and good base. And it easily connects to your sub-woofer, speakers and sets up within minutes.

Its arms are made of thick plastic with no padding, but it retains its smooth and comfortable feel. You need to purchase a transmitter separately for this gaming seat. And it takes quite a few minutes to get this done finally.

If you are in for exceptional sound quality, then you cannot go further than this. The X Rocker II has speakers and a subwoofer which give unexpectedly loud and powerful sound.

This Is The Best Sound System You Can Get At A Pocket Friendly Price. With Full Back Support, Lay Back And Enjoy The Moment.

Easily connect to sound devices using the headphone jack and wireless audio transmission to play your favorite music. The foldable construction makes this seat easy to store when not in use or moving with it without needing an extra hand.

  • Very Comfortable.
  • Pocket-Friendly Price.
  • Easy To Put Together.
  • Exceptional Sound Quality.
  • Perfect For Storage With Foldable Body.
  • Ideal For Long Term Usage.
  • Comes With Extra Features For Gaming.
  • Weighs A Meaningful Amount.
  • Confusing Titbits When Assembling.
  • Wireless Transmitter Comes With No AC Adapter And Batteries.

03. Birdrock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair Review

BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair & Gaming ChairThe Birdrock Home Adjustable 14-Position is a seat which can be used for gaming and a floor chair.

This chair comes with a chopped memory foam blended for comfort and support. Just like its name, this seat can be adjusted in 14 positions to suit your needs.

It’s ideal for purposes like reading, watching TV and of course playing your favorite games. Use it in the kids’ room, living room or anywhere in your house.

This gaming chair is 23 inches when in an upright position and can fit under a small loft bed. It has a back seat height of 19 inches from the cushion seat to the back top.

The Birdrock Home Adjustable 14-position has a thickness of 4 1/2 inches from the floor. You can now sit on the floor without back pain courtesy of this Birdrock gaming chair.

It’s very comfortable, and you can use it while sitting in multiple angles.

However, It Has A Few Deal Breakers For Some People. The Back Is Not Raised Enough To Give Appropriate Neck Support.

Further, some people will not fight it comfortable to stretch their legs when sitting in this chair because its legs are short.

That does not stop this seat from giving you a cozy and comfortable place on the floor without thinking about cushions.

Need a gaming chair which you can use with your kids?

This is the real deal.

Your kids can use this seat with their friends. You can customize it to your ideal recline angle to make it more comfortable. With beautiful upholstery, this chair can even be used in front of the fireplace.

It’s so easy to store since you can just lay it flat and slide it under your sofa. Use it every day and be assured that the foam will not get held up. It will always bounce back to give you more comfort.

For an adjustable gaming chair which fits everywhere, the Birdrock Home Adjustable is for you. With the ability to be made to work in 14 positions, you can fully utilize your gaming seat.

Its comfort on the floor comes as a bonus you cannot miss. The chair comes with soft plush fabric to enhance the user’s comfort.

Sanding Out As The Most Adjustable Gaming Chair, It Also Ranks Well In Portability. It’s So Easy To Store Flat When Not In Use Since It Can Easily Fit Under Your Couch.

No more back pains from sitting on the floor, set this chair and you are guaranteed a comfortable experience like never before.

  • Has Soft Plush Fabric With Blended Chopped Memory Foam For Comfort.
  • Can Be Adjusted To 14 Different Positions And Cozy.
  • Perfect For Back Support When Sitting On The Floor.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere In Your Home.
  • Fit For Both Kids And Adults.
  • Stores Very Easy.
  • Low Space For Stretching The Legs.
  • Back Not Raised Enough For Neck Support.

04. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming ChairThe X Rocker Commander is an excellent gaming chair which has superb cooling abilities.

Play your favorite games as long as you like without having to worry about getting drenched in sweat. This gaming chair also comes with an amazing total sound immersion experience.

It comes with two speakers in the headrest and a sub-woofer which use 2.1 Audio Force Modulation Technology. This uses the open space in the Rocker to produce magnified sound quality for improved user experience.

You now have a chance to experience a lot of things on the same piece. Play games, listen to music, read your favorite book, relax or watch TV.

The X Rocker Commander enables playing music from a variety of sources using a pair of headset or through its RCA output.  Its ergonomic design has the sitting position raised with arms and pedestals which come with tilt and swivel capabilities.

There’s a control panel having controls for both volume and bass with input and output jacks for connecting to other audio devices.

However, you need to take the time to assemble, and you can use a universal wireless kit, but this is not sold along with the chair. Use this chair with a PS4 and enjoy an amazing gaming experience.

One Of The Drawbacks Of This Chair Is A Lack Of A Lumbar Support Which Will Not Do Your Back Any Good. This Is A Major Complaint Many People Face When Using This Brand Of Gaming Chair.

You will not be able to play for a long while in this seat. But, this does not make this chair to be not worth your money.

It’s Easy To Set Up And Offers Great Comfort. It Has Multitasking Abilities That You Can Watch TV, Play Video Games, Listen To Music, Read Your Favorite Book Or Relax In The Same Seat.
  • Made With Durable And Breathable Polyester For Cooling.
  • Easy To Set Up Within A Few Minutes.
  • Gives Great Sound And Easy Installations.
  • Not Wireless And Cables Which Sometimes Get In The Way.
  • Cushion Softens Too Quickly In Some Areas
  • Does Not Have Wheels.

05. Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Review – Editor’s Choice

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair With Gear Shift MountThe Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat as its name suggests is a gaming chair which is compatible with all gaming consoles.

It is compatible all Play Station, Xbox one, Xbox360, Nintendo, and computers.

It comes with a gear shifter mounted on the left or right hand of the Openwheeler Racing chair. With a polyester paintwork control, this racing simulator will give you maximum stability.

Without the steering controls which do not come with the Openwheeler racing seat, you get incredible comfort and stability.

Made from high-quality material with a simple design this is a one of a kind piece of gaming accessory. With the chassis and supreme racing seat, this chair guarantees you full control of your game with stability.

You get all this in a comfortable position synonymous with the Openwheeler Racing seat. Easy to adjust, everyone can fit into this chair. You can tweak it to suit your preferences.

Complete with all necessary tools for hand mounting, the Openwheeler comes with predrilled plates which can also fit a set of Logitech G27 Racing wheel.

Use it with other racing wheels like Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia.

This seat sits on the floor but you can build a frame for it. This chair looks designed to for G920/G29 wheel including the hardware for mounting the pedals and wheels into the frame.

The Openwheeler racing simulator has the exact size as the Subaru Impreza STI or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with marching comfort to book.

The overall combination of this chair’s make will make your racing game experience a lot more authentic. This racing simulator is compatible with most gaming consoles.

What does that mean?

Your gaming is without limits.

Play using all popular gaming devices and this chair comes fitted with a gear shifter. You get to race your way to the finishing line in this cozy gaming chair.

This Is Highly Recommended For Gamers Prefer Working With Consoles. The Openwheeler Will Definitely Give You A Feel Of The Race Track.
  • Offers Great Comfort.
  • Very Easy To Set This Seat Up.
  • Solid Build Quality.
  • Comes In An Excellent Package.
  • Gives Natural Driving Position.
  • Sets On The Ground Making It Uncomfortable To Some Gamers.
  • Steering Wheel Column Needs Adjustments.
  • Shaky Shifter Bracket.

06. Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair Review

Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Racing Series Gaming Chair - Black/Green (Rev. 2)The Vertagear S-Line SL2000 is a gaming chair which comes with a combination of exceptional form and function.

The model is built with a focus on design, ergonomics and incredible functionality.

Its design gives a lot of adjustabilities to give gamers excellent comfort and support in any sitting position for rigorous gaming.

This gaming chair comes reinforced with 5-Sar base design and constructed from alloy material which is heavy duty.

This gives the Vertagear S Line2000 a stable structure. It has a slide-in make for quick one-person installation process built with a steel frame and resilience foam which is of high density.

An elegant structure makes the Vertagear S Line2000 have a luxurious look with extremely durable features. Its exterior is made from high-quality PVC material.

Additional custom racing style Penta RS1 casters which come coated with PU for softness and smoothness make this seat glide on any surface. It works just like a car seat, lean back with no fear of tipping over.

Reinforced With A 5-Star Base, You Will Use This Gaming Chair Throughout Your Entire Life. This Seat Is Made To Last From Heavy Duty Alloy Material.

Thus with the stable structure, you will enjoy gaming more thoroughly without fear that your seat will go down with you. Made with quality PVC leather, the Vertagear S Line2000 begets a luxurious look.

This chair can glide on any surface courtesy of its Penta RS1 casters coated with PU. These are no limit to your gaming experience when sitting in this chair. With effortless assembly, you will get this up in a jiffy.

  • Comes With Efficient Packaging Which Is Easy To Unpack.
  • Easy To Assemble Taking Less Than 20 Minutes.
  • Quality Built With Little Squeaks And Creaks.
  • Comes With Pillows To Ensure Good Sitting Posture.
  • Comfortable Bottom Cushion.
  • Risk Of Tearing With Small Hooks.
  • Pillow Does Not Stand Rigorous Use.
  • Check For Size Before Purchase.

07. Merax Stylish Devil’s Eye Series High-Back Gaming Chair Review

Merax Stylish Devil's Eye Series High-Back Gaming Chair PU Leather And Mesh (Orange)The Merax Devil’s Eye Series is a sleek gaming chair with PU leather and mesh making this chair breathable.

Weighing 40 pounds, this seat has a unique and stylish design. It’s quite easy to put this gaming chair up and has thick padded armrests for a cozy feel.

Its height can be adjusted to 21 inches fitting any gamer’s needs.  It also has tilt tension which is a plus for easy usage.

This chair has a sturdy base and a weight capacity of 225 lbs.

The Merax Devil’s Eye Series is built nicely with well-made seems and stitching to hold up for quite some time. This gaming chair feels as good as it looks providing a right amount of cushioning.

It also cools as well with its breathable PU leather and mesh material. Though it does not recline, you can go up and down including flexing backward.

Building process takes less time with the manual which come with the package. You can set this gaming chair up on your own.

The Only Problem You Will Face It That It Lacks Words In Directions. So, You Have To Rely On Images Which Might Take A Little Longer Than Expected.

Also, fixing the arms might require resembling a few times before you can crack it as some of the holes do not line up well.

This is the gaming chair daredevil.

Play your way without getting drenched in your own sweat. The Merax Stylish Devil’s Eye Series is made from breathable mesh and PU leather.

This seat will not give off awful smells from past user experiences. Made with a high back design, your back is well protected.

The chair has tilt tension control to improve user experience. Get sturdy stability when gaming from this chair with an adjustable at height.

This chair goes up and down with back flexing though it lacks reclining. This is an absolutely amazingly gaming chair which makes a worthwhile expenditure.

  • Comfy With Great Back Support.
  • Pocket-Friendly Price.
  • Provides Better Cushioning.
  • Cool Since It Is Made From PU Leather And Mesh.
  • Not Real Leather But Durable For Average Use.
  • Better Quality Beyond Expectation.
  • Arm Padding Gets Smashed Down After A Few Months.
  • Wheels Don’t Lock.
  • Some Holes Don’t Align Well When Assembling.
  • Awful Smell From The Package.

08. Ferrino Line White on Black Diamond Patterned Gaming and Lifestyle Chair

Ferrino Line White On Black Diamond Patterned Gaming And Lifestyle Chair By RapidXThe Ferrino Black Diamond is a gaming chair with polyurethane foam core plus the freedom to recline.

Made by RapidX, this gaming chair was incorporates three distinctive features to make it an excellent gaming and lifestyle chair.

It’s attractive, has supportive polyurethane foam and works just like a recliner.

This product is durably made with polyurethane leather including a Diamond-patterned backrest which had color stitching. This bucket seat is inspired by professional harness style racing seats with a mechanism for tilt locking.

The Ferrino Black Diamond reclines to 85-165 degrees angle including multi-directional PVC armrests with three directional settings. It features a five-point base sitting on 2-inch rim-styled casters.

Its body if made from high quality molded polyurethane foam core.

Designed to give comfort with style, the Ferrino Black Diamond features a powernap-friendly backrest which reclines to a maximum of 155 degrees. This performance is better than other office or lifestyle chairs on the market.

It will give you revitalizing rest as long as you put on your eyeshades or virtual reality headset. When you need to recline, remove the lumbar support and use the car sea style lever to set the recliner.

This gaming is easy to adjust for style and comfort. It comes complete with a removable lumbar and supports for your neck.

Additionally, the Ferrino Black Diamond has a five-point caster wheel for its base with armrests which are adjustable and can move in a variety of directions.

This gaming chair will offer you great comfort plus complementing your sense of style for extra purposes like relaxing or watching TV. This gaming chair features an attractive exterior customized to conceal its ergonomic and orthopedic design.

Used for both work and play, the Ferrino Black Diamond has alluring color options. It can support you at work when gaming or engaged in your hobbies.

RapidX made a decision to rise above regular gaming chairs. It prioritized cost effectiveness to come up with a fantastic product to inspire the inner child in you.

This chair takes the Grammy for the best stylish of all gaming chairs.

Made by a company with 20 years’ experience making lifestyle chairs, the Ferrino Black Diamond is breathtaking. It does not matter if you are a professional or an enthusiastic gamer, this chair has it all.

It Offers Styles, Class, Comfort, Nice Look, Adjustability, And It Also Works As A Recliner.

It’s not always easy for an underdog to be the big guys but the Ferrino Black Diamond is a class apart. Believe me this chair has attractive aesthetics and the freedom to fully recline.

The Ferrino ranks high among the line of gaming and lifestyle chairs.

  • Can Be Used For Gaming And Office.
  • Incredible Quality Build With Good Leather.
  • Easy Set Up With Accompanied Instructions.
  • Comes With Lumbar And Headrest.
  • Amazing Upper And Lower Back Support.
  • Good Color Choices And Comfortable.
  • Easy To Put Together In About 45 Minutes.
  • Unyielding Formed Backrest Not Good For Those With Broad Shoulders.
  • Not Recommended For Skatepark.
  • Quite Heavy And Lacks A Tilt Lock.

09. OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Review

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair Racing Seat Computer Gaming Desk Chair (White)The OPSEAT Master Series is an incredible gaming seat made to offer the highest level of performance and comfort with style.

With a high back office chair design, it has a lot of qualities you can customize to make it fit your personal touch and position. The OPSEAT Master Series is made for everyone.

Coupled with an adjustable pillow for lumbar support and a removable headrest, this gaming chair is ergonomic for extended comfort. It’s built on a metal frame covered with high-quality synthetic leather which is durable but soft to give you more mileage.

It will last you a game from morning till the break of dawn. The OPSEAT Master Series comes with an adjustable seat rests to match your preferred height.

It also features a generously padded back for comfort and support during rigorous sessions. Use the Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment to raise or lower the chair using a high-quality Class IV gas lift.

The casters on this seat are made from dual nylon making them safe to be used on hard and soft floor surfaces.

The OPSEAT Master Series was manufactured to provide high-performance gaming, unrivaled comfort, quality, and affordability. This gaming chair supports a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

Doing homework, playing video games or anything regarding sitting, this seat will hold you up. You will have no back or neck pain even if you sit in it for fours.

Is has some flaws in craftsmanship including areas where the stitching is wavy and not consistent. This is noticeable on the borders of the seams.

Despite some cosmetic flaws, it does a commendable job. The foam inside this gaming chair is just so comfortable to sit on.

The seat comes with two pillows for additional comfort. Easily customize it for the natural comfort of your back, and you will have a great moment.

This Gaming Chair Offers Removable Lumbar Support For Comfort, Quality Metal Frame Construction, Plus Strength To Support 350 lbs.

The OPSEAT Master Series is made from soft synthetic leather with ample padding to ensure you have a comfortable time while occupying this chair. It comes with a racing style design to tickle your racing antics.

  • Soft Rubber Added Pudding In Armrest For Long Term Use.
  • Great Adjustability Including Plenty Of Fore And Back Movement.
  • Ability To Tilt To The Back.
  • Comfortable And Sturdy Chair.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Armrests Do Wiggle Sometimes Including The Frame.
  • Set Up Instructions May Be Quite Hard For Some People.

10. Sanford Video Rocker Chair Review

Crew Furniture 512000 Classic Video Rocker MagentaThe Sanford Video Rocker Chair is a durable gaming chair for adult video enthusiasts.

With high-quality vinyl fabric, this gaming chair gives you an ergonomic sitting position while gaming.

Sit in this comfortable seat and read, play video games, watch TV or just relax.

Measuring approximately 24 x 11 32 inches, the Sanford Rocker has a weight of 11.5 pounds. Rock with your kid in this gaming chair, and you can rock when you get bored.

It is very easy to clean with an excellent construction and supports a maximum weight of 8 to 10 pounds. Sit in this nice looking comfy chair and rock your worries away.

It comes with a sturdy cushioned seat to cradle your body when gaming or relaxing. This chair rocks wonderfully back and forth for adults, teens, and tweens.

It has a casually low setting if you are using it floor gaming or watching movies. This gaming chair is comfortable and light to carry when moving since it has a compact design.

You can easily store it a way for further use, and a few wipes with a damp cloth will leave it sparkling clean.

Get a gaming chair in your favorite color.

The Sanford Video Rocker comes in a wide range of colors, and some models even come having mesh racing stripes. When rocking back and forth in his seat, all your worries will be left behind.

It’s recommended for use by the whole family and its super easy to carry to any place. Cleaning this chair is as simple as rinsing it with a damp cloth.

Sit In An Ergonomic Sitting Position Without Worry Of Getting Backache Afterwards. When In This Chair, Play All Your Video Games Without Any Care In The World.
  • Comfortable For Adults And Kids.
  • Compact For Portability.
  • Comes In A Selection Of Beautiful Colors.
  • Easy To Clean.
  • Pocket-Friendly Price.
  • Not Suited For Some Adults.
  • Material Tears Easily.

Things You Must Know Before Choosing A Gaming Chair

Before you go out to purchase a gaming chair, you have to know that knowledge about the different kinds and brands is very import.

Some chairs are for game consoles others are for PC games, and some can work on both. For a great user experience, it’s always a great deal that you look at the kind of seat to buy.

Types Of Gaming Chairs

  • Pedestal Gaming Chair

These are your regular gaming chairs on the market. It comes with a pedestal as the name suggests which can be adjusted to swivel in any direction.

Pedestal gaming chairs are usually made from two materials, cloth or leather. You have to choose a type of equipment you are most comfortable with. Most kinds of pedestal gaming chairs are for gaming with a console.

  • Computer Gaming Chair

Chairs of this nature are designed specifically to be used when gaming on a personal computer. Sometimes you can use them with a console or when sitting on your couch.

There are incredible branded computer gaming chairs on the market with amazing features. They usually come with a headrest, lumbar pad, and armrest.

More to that, computer gaming chairs can be adjusted a lot and have a lot of padding in the back for comfort. Your back will be safe, and your gaming experience will be greatly enhanced.

  • Rocker Gaming Chair

These are gaming chairs which do not come with a pedestal or any other accessory to make it swivel. You mount these on the floor and can be attached to anything.

Rocker gaming seats are used mainly for game consoles. These chairs have an L-shaped design and are usually very comfortable. Advantages of these kinds of chairs are noticed while leaning your back and playing your game.

Best rocker game chairs have speakers, sub-woofers, RCA output and a system for wireless. Some kinds of these chairs can connect with others for the seamless gaming experience.

  • Racer Gaming Chair

This type of gaming chair was named for its purpose. These kinds of gaming chair are used when playing racing computer games.

Gamers who use these types of chairs usually fit them like regular cars. They are equipped with accelerators, clutch, brakes and a wheel.

Criteria For The Best Gaming Chair

Quality Of Material

A quality gaming chair will last for ages. One made with the poor quality material will be worn out in no time.

As a result, you will be forced to seek a replacement then you had anticipated. Do due diligence and find out the manufacturer and the kind of material used in the manufacture of the product.

It is always a good thing to choose a gaming chair with durable material lie leather and steel. This will be able to last for a long time.

Comfort Of The Chair

One thing why you always need to go for ergonomic chairs is that they provide support especially during rigorous gaming sessions. And, most of the time they come with unique features.

For example, some seats come with individual cushions for the back. You also have a choice whether to go for one with leather or cloth padding. The selection criterion is up to you to determine what will work well for you.

Some gaming chair brand focus on things like adjustability or style allowing you to customize it according to your preference. Always paying particular attention to a chair which guarantees maximum comfort and less stress to your body.

Seat Size

The size of the gaming chair is of crucial importance, therefore always put it into focus when looking to purchase a gaming chair. There is no gaming chair which is a one size fits all.

One may be appropriate to some people may present discomfort to others. Size is of crucial importance since you would not enjoy your favorite game while holed up in an uncomfortable chair.

Also, people have different physical size, so it’s of great importance to consider your size when shopping for a gaming chair.

Price Of The Chair

No one would want to acquire a gaming chair with creditors on their heels. Gaming chairs come with different price tags, and so do the value they give.

Do a proper assessment to find out whether that pricey gaming chair delivers on its promises. There are products of gaming chairs which are expensive for only being related to a favorite brand.

Always have a lookout for instances like that.

There are some amazing products which offer great value at a pocket friendly price. Never under-look price when you are on the lookout for your gaming chair. You will miss out on fantastic bargains because of your misjudgment.

Additional Features

In the competitive gaming industry, manufacturers carry out intensive promotions to beat competitors. Most popular brands offer additional features to beat completion.

For example, manufacturers of gaming chairs have added speakers, wireless and easily connect with any brand. It’s up to you to go with a chair that tickles your fancy.

Space Saving

It is crucial to mind about the area size of your gaming are. It would mean that a lot of things will need to be tucked away to create more space.

Always mind about the dimensions of your gaming chair, about your gaming area. You would not like it when your newly purchased seat does not fit in your gaming space.

Compatibility Of The System

You have to make sure that the gaming chair works well with your gaming system. There are gaming chairs which are compatible with most gaming consoles, but not all chairs have that.

Some are mainly made to work with one model. Do ensure that the gaming chair you purchase collaborates with numerous gaming systems like Xbox PS4 and PS3.

Perceived Value

Always be sure that you get what you pay for. There’s no need to purchase a gaming chair with speakers when you already have a sound system at home.

You will only be wasting more funds. If a brand says it offers a feature, make sure to make a follow-up.

Built-In Features

When looking to buy a gaming chair, you will be overwhelmed by the number of related brands on the market. Be careful when making a choice.

Sometimes you may lose money hoping you have bought a top notch product. However, there are some specific features which you have to be sure of not missing with any gaming chair.

Inputs And Outputs

For a complete gaming experience, you gaming chair might offer a quality sound system. Models like that have ports for audio input and output.

With HDMI cable, you can be able to blast sound from your game on TV with the inbuilt speakers.


Another important feature to be considered when purchasing a gaming chair is the connectivity.

Can the head work well with other devices?

A good choice is to select a product with wireless audio and Bluetooth connectivity. You will be able to play music from your sound system without enduring the torturous ordeal of connecting with wires.

Enjoy your game the fullest blazing audio through the gaming chair.

How To Maximize Comfort During Gaming

All we are concerned with is you can thoroughly enjoy a great gaming experience.  If you are not having fun, then you do not qualify to be a gamer.

Fun loving and happy players are the exact reason why we would come up with an article like this. You do not have to spend your money buying gaming gear, and you end up being like you are in a torture chamber.

This is how you can enjoy great comfort as you play away on your favorite game.

How You Will Be Using It And Where?

You should mind about how you carry yourself during intense gaming moments. Leaning forward during happy moments will leave you with bruises if you are in the wrong chair.

You need a chair that can reach the confines of your PC with ease. Consider the part of your home where you will be using it and what meets your exact needs. Always look out for a chair with adjustable height and armrest if you are not sure.

Always Go For One With A Lumbar Support

Most gamers usually complain about the back pain their gaming experience. This comes about as a result of sitting for too long in a chair which is not compatible for that purpose.

Long gaming sessions require you leaning forward, backward and also swiveling from side to side randomly. So, you need high comfort and in this case a lumbar support with an ergonomic design with your gaming chair.

Any chair fitted with excellent lumbar support will make you sit for hours or even days without your back suffering. And, your body’s other parts are safe with the ergonomic design.

Sitting uncomfortably results in feeling pain and significant discomfort which kills your gaming zeal. That is why it is very imported to go for a chair which can offer you lower back lumbar support.

Here you have two options at your fancy. Whether to go for one with inbuilt or removable cushions, or one with foam fitting ergonomic arch.

Whichever option you go for, you will play your games assured that no discomfort or back pain is going to come from your experience.

Breathability Of The Fabric

Most new gaming enthusiasts always rush to purchase gaming chairs with material made from leather or some other material.

They end up feeling discontented.

On the onset, leather is nice since it washes easily and incredibly clean. However, after extended usage, leather is likely to become a discomfort as it makes you sweat.

A better gaming chair is one with moisture wicking features. This has excellent fabric breathability for maximum comfort during long hours of gaming.

Using Cushions Or Not

A lot of gaming chairs come with additional cushioning for improved user experience. These are usually fastened with Velcro or a hook-and-loop system which allow you to add or remove them with ease.

Additionally, these will not cause you discomfort as you play since they do not slip around. There are cushions for a variety of purposes including for the headrest, armrest, neck area, and lumbar support.

What Quality Are You Expecting At Your Price?

The adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to a lot of things including purchasing gaming chairs. Cheaper is not always the best, and it also applies to premium pricing.

With a discount code or coupon, however, you can grab yourself a nice chair at incredibly low price. To be safe from loss, look out for a chair with quality armrests, roller ball plus other areas that will not break easily after a couple of uses.

Another way you can go about this is to get the replacement parts from the manufacturer whenever one breaks.

Gaming Chair Buying Checklist

Here are a metric to follow if you are to end up with an incredible gaming chair of your choice. Looking to buy one as a gift, this guide will help you.

  • A better gaming chair is one with an ergonomic design, this gives your back enough support. Sit comfortably while playing your favorite game.
  • Stick within your budgetary plans. Buy only the chair you can afford, it’s no good to desire something which you cannot afford. If you have the means, it’s better to pay for a chair which will work well. Even if it means adding some extra money, it’s worth it. You plan on using this chair or a long time, so, it’s better you commit a substantial investment to it.
  • Dimensions and color of the gaming chair should not be given a blind eye. It’s always a good thing to buy a chair which complements the color scheme in your room, other furniture or curtains. The good thing with gaming chairs is that they are not limited to a few colors unlike office chairs. A well-chosen chair with beautiful colors is a great asset since it will brighten up your room. Skip those which would look out of place.
  • Go for user-friendliness in product. Buy a gaming chair which you can handle with easy. You have to purchase a chair you can set up within a flash and easy to move around. Imagine buying a heavier chair which needs an extra hand and you are alone at home.
  • Acquire a gaming chair with feature you will put to use. Endeavor to put all the features on your chair for maximum use. It’s no use purchase a chair with speaker if you plan on using headsets while gaming.

Some Useful Tips To Buy Best Gaming Chair

  1. Never overlook the price when purchasing a gaming chair. As detailed above, to get a good chair, it comes at an extra cost. If you are on a shoestring, do not stress yourself get one within your means. But if you can afford one at a higher price, do not hesitate to look for a chair that has all your desired features. A gaming chair with lumbar support, armrest, quality upholstery and a sturdy frame is a great buy. Better look out for an upgraded model of your old chair to get the real feel of how gaming gear improves.
  2. Save big with discount a code or coupon. This is an amazing way of getting your dream gaming chair at an amazingly low price. Even if you are running on a shoestring, this is the best way of getting that much sought after chair without spending long periods saving for it. Do research since a lot of gaming chair manufacturers offer discounts on their products some time in a year.

Wrapping Up | Best Gaming Chair

It’s not an easy fete going shopping for an ideal gaming chair whether you are a novice gamer or you have tons of experience.

You are likely to find the process cumbersome if you lack the necessary knowledge.

Hope our guide will be of help when you are out there. Do not forget to check reviews on how others think about those products before making a final selection.

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